Hotham Sound, the geographic locality, is a sidewater of the Jervis Inlet. It is one of the deepest sounds in British Columbia and is frequently used as a testing ground for military submarines and sonar technology. If you are a passenger on the Earl’s Cove-Saltery Bay ferry route, you can see Hotham Sound if you look directly north approximately 25 minutes into your sailing.

Hotham Sound, the music label, is based out of Vancouver, BC, and focuses on experimental electronic artists from the Cascadia region. We’re interested in lo-fi electronics, tape loops, musique concrete, vertical listening, analog synths, digital synths, plunderphonics, rhythm boxes, drum computers, field recordings, bent circuits, contact mics, lock grooves, echo jams, pedal trains, thumb pianos, oblique strategies, aleatoric workflows, modular freakouts, musicians, non-musicians.

Submissions on cassette and CD can be mailed or hand delivered to Hotham Sound 225 West 14th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y1X2.

Digital submissions can be sent to