JULY 31, 2017

HASTINGS & LAKEWOOD is a photo blog by Hotham Sound recording artist Keith Freeman, AKA Khyex.

NOVEMBER 12, 2016

Mount Maxwell featured on MORE THAN HUMAN #201, alongside Loscil, Time Attendant, and Larry Heard. Their new album is now available on BANDCAMP as well, if you're a stickler for formats.

OCTOBER 4, 2016

Our friend Eden Veaudry will be performing at New Forms this coming weekend. Tickets still available here.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

MOUNTTUAM is a joint tumblr account started by Hotham Sound recording artists Mount Maxwell and TUAM. Beginning September 24th, a new image from the artist's personal archives will be posted to the site on a daily basis.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

Mount Maxwell's BLUE HIGHWAYS VOL. 1 has finally arrived. Forty hypnotic minutes of abstract oceanics, 70's string machines, and pulsing PSA arps. Buy it now and skip the Squarespace media player's annoying track gaps.

NOVEMBER 27, 2015

Hotham Sound is online. Digital albums by Mount Maxwell and Khyex are available for purchase for $7.00 CD. The MMR Collective's broadcasts are available for free streaming, but not purchasable due to copyright restrictions. New releases by Erika Richter and TUAM are scheduled for early 2016. Send us your tapes!

NOVEMBER 8, 2015

Hotham Sound will be online in late November, 2015. Inaugural releases by Mount Maxwell, Khyex, and the MMR Collective.