The piece is indexed to the painting's dimensions with the soundscape "traveling" from left to right across the 46cm wide canvas. Each 10cm represents 1 minute of sound. The sound is informed by all of the obvious elements of the painting, the most constant being the horizontal black dividing strip/bar that spans the painting's lower portion. These black strips are represented by an organ sound, the key of which is indexed (on a keyboard) to where the black strip is vertically located on the painting. So, for the longest horizontal black strip, I depressed the key approximately 30% higher than (right of) the lowest key on a standard keyboard because it is about 30% of the way "up" the painting... and so on and so forth. The choice of organ was made with some consideration to the resemblance between the work and stained glass. The vertical black strips are represented by abrupt falling organ features, that stay true in time to the "10cm per minute rule".

The colours are expressed simply by myself speaking the word "red", "blue", "white" and "yellow", in higher or lower keys depending where the colours are situated on the canvas. The vocal volume corresponds to the dominance of a colour in a particular region, while the frequency of the words tends to correspond to the space/area taken up by the colour (faster (red)=more area of that colour). With this set of rules, one should be able to follow the sound and the painting from the left edge through to the right edge in the self-allotted 4 minutes and 36 seconds (4.6 minutes).

-Khyex, 2018