Blue Highways Vol 1 Cover Art.jpg

Mount Maxwell


Mount Maxwell return with a deeply felt tribute to the utopian promise of the original BC Ferries fleet and the island communities it served. Forty hypnotic minutes of abstract oceanics, 70's string machines, and pulsing PSA arps. Highly recommended.

Recorded by Mount Maxwell in Victoria and Vancouver, 2015-16. Instruments: Korg Poly 61, Crumar Performer, Elektronika EM-25, Roland SH-01, Casiotone 701, Rhythm Ace FR-6.

Cascadian-tinged analog nostalgia. A must listen from start to finish. - ADSR

…crafts narratives of oceanic swells and wild territories, of inlets and beaches, of hope and regret. In these delicate but vast compositions you can hear the waves, taste the salt air, feel the texture of driftwood. - Tabs Out